Dev of the Day

Level One is a great space for attracting a diverse range of game developers, these are their thoughts…

  • Liam Hunt


    Part of the sprightly duo making up Bytesprite games Liam is a Perth dev passionate about making quality games, if you haven't played his latest you might want to give it a lash.

  • Amos Wolfe


    If he's not dashing around Perth making rad games he's making rad music and talking about making rad games. We're hyped to see whats next for Amos!

  • Georgia


    Georgia is a regular face at LEVEL ONE with many fingers in many pies. She's a deep thinker and a passionate Perth creative.
    Looks like her binder is already full of rad projects!

  • Kim & Jez Eade


    We got to meet Kim & Jez while they were in town for Playup Perth and had a great time chatting about games and communities.

    This team aren't going to be thwarted by 1000 kilometer round trip to the nearest city!

  • Vivien Lengkeek


    When she's not being distracted by cats Viv is jumping in to support and enjoy as many Perth game dev experiences as she can.

  • Drew Van Schoonhoven

    (Scooby Drew)


    Drew's a fresh faced regular at Level One and with motivation from Developers At Large he's flexing his new game dev muscles.

  • Sofie Mather


    If she's not smashing out some weirdarse SK controllers she'll be chasing up devs for a chat at Level One!

  • Mark Mennell


    Mark Mennell is a regular at Level One and works his coding magic with devs at Gnomic Studios, there is nothing square about this guy.

  • Wesley Lamont


    If not in some mad scientist get up you'll often see Wesley Lamont crouched over a desk blitzing new board-game designs but he is more than just tabletop, Wes is dedicated to all sorts of game creations.

  • Michael De Piazzi


    Michael De Piazzi inspired Grae to jump into game dev and he’s taking the plunge into running his own dev business as well. We don’t think these will be his final days!